How comfortable and breathable is printed linen fabric?

Publish Time: 2023-11-28
As people pursue quality of life, comfort and breathability have become important indicators for selecting clothing fabrics. Printed linen fabric, as a natural, environmentally friendly and fashionable fabric, is loved by more and more people. So, how comfortable and breathable is printed linen fabric?

1. Comfort: Printed linen fabric has good comfort. First of all, flax fiber has good hygroscopicity and perspiration properties, and can quickly absorb moisture from the skin surface to keep the skin dry. Secondly, flax fiber has good thermal conductivity and can quickly dissipate heat to keep the human body at a suitable temperature. In addition, flax fiber also has good softness and skin-friendly properties, is comfortable to wear, and is not prone to static electricity and allergic reactions. Printed linen is therefore particularly comfortable to wear in the summer.

2. Breathability: Printed linen fabric has excellent breathability. There are a large number of gaps in the structure of flax fibers, which can form air convection and allow air to flow freely inside the fabric. At the same time, the moisture absorption and perspiration properties of linen fiber also help to improve the breathability of the fabric. Therefore, when worn in hot summer, printed linen fabrics can effectively dissipate body heat, keep the skin dry and avoid stuffiness.

3. Antibacterial: Printed linen fabric also has certain antibacterial properties. The natural substances in flax fiber inhibit bacterial growth and can effectively prevent skin infections and allergic reactions. Therefore, printed linen fabrics can maintain skin health and reduce the occurrence of skin diseases during wearing.

4. Environmental protection: Printed linen fabric is a natural and environmentally friendly fabric. Flax fiber is a renewable resource. There is no need to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides during the planting process, and it does not pollute the environment. At the same time, flax fiber does not require bleaching and dyeing during the production process, reducing environmental pollution caused by chemical dyes. Therefore, choosing printed linen fabrics not only improves comfort and breathability, but also protects the environment.

To sum up, printed linen fabric has good comfort and breathability. Its good moisture absorption, perspiration, thermal conductivity, softness and skin-friendly properties make it comfortable to wear; its excellent breathability keeps the skin dry; its antibacterial properties help keep the skin healthy; and its environmentally friendly properties are in line with modern people's desire for green. pursuit of life. Therefore, printed linen fabric is an ideal summer clothing fabric and is worthy of everyone's choice and promotion.

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